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NICOLE EIDEN is a narrative filmmaker.  She hails from Ohio but her home has been New Orleans for over a decade.  Her love of the region’s barbecued shrimp and grits and the jungly landscape have not usurped her ardor for the Heartland’s definitive seasons or its native flora that, when left to their own devices, tend to remain within polite confines.

Nicole acknowledges readily that Ohio is her foundation.  However, the curiosities of New Orleans, from the enveloping smell of sweet olive on a night walk with her dog, Railroad, to the street’s curbs bound tight with iron, engage Nicole’s imagination and keep her mulling over the why.  The convergence of the city’s fragility and stamina creates a real creative kick in the butt.
Nicole’s film La Cuoca (the cook) won a CINE Golden Eagle Award and was screened at the New Orleans Film Festival.   Neil and the Nun received the Silver Award at the Pelican d’Or Short Film Festival and Best Narrative Short at the Ozone Film Festival.  The film also screened at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, the Cleveland Independent Film Festival, the Long Island Film Festival, the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, and the Canadian International Film and Video Festival.  Additionally, the film received an honorable mention in the 52nd Columbus International Film Festival.

Nicole received her Master of Fine Arts degree from The University of New Orleans in film production.  Her Bachelor of Communications degree in video production was earned from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

To sum it up, she was into poetry; but because she’s a pragmatist, she chose the more practical, well-charted (Hah!) career of filmmaking.

Nicole is currently working on a feature film about the violinist, Courcelle Durand.



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